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Attorney Registration

The purpose of our attorney registration is to ensure that we have all the data needed to attach all of our borrowers to their lawyers and law firms, which ensures that the lawyers are promptly paid their fees. Additionally, we provide to our participating lawyers the opportunity to market themselves to potential clients. The "Find a Lawyer" feature on our website will allow potential clients to search for lawyers who participate with GLF. This will be a powerful tool that is sure to increase your client base. You may opt out of the marketing efforts if you wish, but some of the registration information is still required.
Attorney Info
(If licensed in more than one state, use the one for the state in which you practice primarily)
Law Firm Info
(GLF believes the best practice is for each firm, regardless of the number of attorneys in the firm, to have one account. All of the firms clients will be identified through this single account. However, GLF also recognizes that it may be beneficial for a firm to have a separate account for each attorney for ease of client contact, marketing purposes, etc. Accordingly, each lawyer may register separately if the firm chooses. If this option is chosen, however, care should be taken to ensure that the firms proper E.I.N. and bank account information are input into each attorneys registration so that funds are credited to the firm properly.)
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